Book Pricing

What you will get with Editing:

What you will get with Proofreading:

How do you know when your book or document is ready for editing?

You have read it and edited it yourself, at least twice, and you feel there is not much more you need to change. This is key. When we create something, our hearts and brains are committed to it; connected to it on a deeper level. We know where the story starts, goes, and ends. But someone from the outside has not! That is where the magic on my end happens! I can edit your words with a fresh set of unbiased eyes and a curious mind.

How do you know when your book or document is ready for proofreading?

After you have made any changes an editor may have suggested, and it is in its final formatting. You are ready to hit send, print, or post! But send it to me first! You have read the newsletter, blog, article, graphic, or caption several times, and you know what it is saying. A fresh set of eyes with a curious mind will catch things! I love the fast pace of proofreading for a business!

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